Thursday, January 13, 2011

and... we're back!

Happy New Year, all of you!

Whew!  I don't know about you, but these holidays SWALLOWED. ME. WHOLE.  Literally, I felt completely encompassed by the happy madness, and the challenges of travelling out of province with a baby to meet relatives and friends were both exciting and nerve-wracking.  BUT, we survived, and it seems we are finally settling back into "real life" as we know it, at least for now (although the poor babe is a little worse for wear- at the moment, she is trying to sleep off a mild fever and little upset stomach which I'm certain is residual from the busy-ness of the last month or so!).   So, for those of you who have contacted me, THANK YOU, and I have done my best to reply as best I could between the social obligations and events, and to those who haven't and who perhaps suspected I had fallen off the end of the Earth, I'M HERE, and ready for action now that the new year is well underway!

So, first a shout out to TOVA!!  She is a total superstar, and has already compiled and maybe even shipped a box from British Columbia, so THANK YOU for that!!

As for the rest of us, if you are feeling refreshed and ready, then I'm ready to go at my end!  Let's fill some boxes, shall we?!  I'm delivering a few diaper boxes to my school next week with instructions for my co-workers to start filling.  I'm also going to get into my classroom and clean up some shelves to see what I can send.  If you're in Canada, build a box of your own and send it FOR FREE from your own military resource centre or base!  And if you have something light-weight that you don't mind sending to me, I'll throw it in a box Kandahar-bound for you!  My details again:

Box 135
Sanford, MB
R0G 1K0

I don't have much else to say, for now.  My brain is still a bit doughy, I think, from gingerbread and egg-nog residue, no doubt, but if you have questions, concerns, encouragement, love, or stories to tell, write to me!  Let's make 2011 about love and good things!

Sending warm thoughts your way- you folks are amazing!

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